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RSTI Exchange is the imaging equipment, parts and service division of RSTI Training – the World’s leading radiological training institute located in Cleveland, Ohio. Our team of qualified sales and technology professionals know imaging equipment lifecycles better than anybody. And we take our responsibility to you very seriously. So we’ll thoroughly test and certify your pre-owned equipment.

Nearly 30 years experience training over 15,000 professionals on every aspect of servicing imaging equipment – that’s the added value we bring to the table. Or the gamma camera. Or iCAD mammoreader. Or whatever type of pre-owned imaging equipment you need.

We also know equipment doesn’t last forever, so we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. If you have a device that’s near the end of it’s use, we’ll team up with recycling experts to repurpose your device and give it new life in another form.

You see, even with our vast experience in the world of imaging, we’re still very green.

To make an inquiry on hard to find parts, full service installs and de-installation, contact our sales staff at 440-349-4700!

Meet our Team

Team Exchange // Q3 Update


The summer is in full swing here at RSTI-Exchange. We are still celebrating the CAVS championship and just hosted the RNC in Cleveland. The Indians are atop the AL central and looking like a contender. Last but not least, we can only hope the Browns show up to play this year.

Enough about sports and the city; here is what’s new at RSTI-Exchange. Our inventory has been growing rapidly to help cover our client’s needs. [...]

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RSTI Exchange

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